A Letter from the Executive Producer

With summer winding down, StarVista LIVE is gearing up for a busy fall as we prepare for our inaugural Ultimate Disco Cruise. This cruise is a first for us and wow, are we having fun getting ready. The planning has sparked so many vivid memories from the disco era; from the clothes, to the clubs, the music and those wild times. It was a time of change and a whole lot of “firsts” in the music industry.

For myself, the seventies were an incredible time filled with not only firsts in music, but in meeting my wife as well. While many were looking forward to seeing the latest movie releases like Saturday Night Fever, I was just excited for another opportunity to take my new gal out for a night of disco dancing. Over 40 years later, I so look forward to bringing her onboard so we can dust off our platform shoes and join you all out on the dance floor. 

We’re excited to honor this music and these phenomenal artists by curating venues onboard to bring you back to the days of Studio 54 and the beats that kept you out all night long.

We hope you get caught up in your own memories from the disco era while onboard. No matter who you’re with, you’re going to have an incredible time clubbin’ and groovin’ on our first ever Ultimate Disco Cruise. It will be Saturday Night fever for 5 fantastic days!

Alan Rubens, Executive Producer