Group Leader Program Terms and Conditions

Below, you will find the Terms and Conditions for the Group Leader Program. Thank you for joining our team!

Purchase of Cabin by Group Leader

  • A Group Leader may only qualify individuals for his/her group after their own purchase of a cabin for the subject cruise. 
  • A Group Leader may not qualify individuals for his/her group if the individual is booking their cruise through a registered travel agent.
  • All group leaders are required to submit a W-9 within two weeks for registering to be eligible for compensation.

Use of Commission

The Group Leader may elect to have the amount paid either by check from StarVista LIVE which will be will be paid within 30 days of the cruise return date. Group leader must submit a W9 to be eligible for a check to be written.

The Group Leader may also have the funds given to them as refundable onboard credit. The group leader may also elect to distribute these funds to the members of their group. Any funds given to group members will not be refunded at the end of the cruise. It is the responsibility of the Group Leader to inform their group members of this policy. StarVista LIVE will not distribute these funds after the cruise disembarks.

The Group leader must notify StarVista Live 30 days prior to the cruise departure of how payment should be processed. Payment is subject to completion of the applicable tax forms by Group leader

Passenger List

Prior to solicitation, the group leader must provide StarVista LIVE with a list of names and addresses of prospective passengers. If a person on the list has sailed with StarVista LIVE within the last three years and is not a past group member of the Group Leader submitting the name, that name will not qualify. Once a prospective passenger is part of a group, he/she cannot then change groups nor may another group leader claim that prospective passenger. A member of a group may start his/her own group and submit a list of new prospective passengers at any time. Please note that is the intention of StarVista LIVE to ensure that Group Leaders are properly rewarded for their efforts. To that end, if a name has been cleared on the Group Leader’s list and appears on the manifest of the cruise, the Group Leader will be credited accordingly. Failure of the passenger to complete his purchase disqualifies that passenger from inclusion in a Group.

Future Cruises

As long as an individual is actively serving as a Group Leader for StarVista LIVE then said individual shall be compensated for passengers who continue to book with said Group Leader.