When The Spinners first realized their 2020 tour plans would need to be put on hold, they quickly figured out a way to keep the music playing. The legendary group spent their stay-at-home days writing new songs and, when things began to open up, safely made their way into the recording studio for their first album of new material since 1989.  We recently spoke with original member Henry Fambrough and Jessie Peck, who gave us a sneak peek into what they’ve got in store for 2021.

“We just decided to turn our lemons into lemonade,” Jessie explains when asked about the inspiration behind the new recordings.  “We’d been in talks to do an album for some time now, but then the pandemic hit and we thought, ‘well, this is the perfect time to actually put it together.’ This is the first Spinners album for me and it was wonderful to be in the studio,” he continues with excitement. “It’s something that the rest of the guys wanted to do for a long time and it’s an honor, it’s a remarkable honor, to be a part of this.” 

“We were so happy to finally get to do it,” adds Henry. “We have so many fans constantly asking us about new material.”  “And the fans are going to be delighted with all of the new songs,” Jessie chimes in.  “It’s everything they’d want to hear from The Spinners,” he promises. “We want them to feel the same way they do when they hear our classic songs, with the warmth and the same level of love, we want them to fully immerse themselves in it all.”

Jessie promises that guests aboard the 2022 Ultimate Disco Cruise will get to hear some of the new music when the group performs onboard, adding them to a hit-filled setlist that already crosses genres and generations.  The Spinners first hit the charts with the soulful “That’s What Girls Are Made For” in 1961 and went on to dominate the entire disco era with a long and groovy string of hits including “It’s a Shame,” “I’ll Be Around,” “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love,” “One of a Kind (Love Affair),” “Then Came You” (with Dionne Warwick), “Games People Play,” “The Rubberband Man,” “Working My Way Back to You” and “Cupid.” 

“We see people from all walks of life, different age groups and different attitudes at our shows. And the one thing they all have in common is that they want to hear great songs and have fun. Music unifies everyone around the world and we definitely see it in our concerts,” says Jessie.  “And on the StarVista LIVE cruises, that’s what I remember most about the experience – the people, all different yet all amazing,” adds Henry. “They’re always coming up to us and telling us what they were doing when they heard our songs, how old they were and, in fact, a lot of people told us they got married to our songs,” he marvels. “We love interacting with the fans on the cruise ship,” Jessie agrees.

There’s something else that Henry and Jessie are looking forward to when the Ultimate Disco Cruise sets sail next year. “I’m thinking about seeing everyone in the glitter boots, the platforms boots, the Bootsy Collins stars, the capes,” Jessie says with excitement. “I can’t wait to see all the people dressed up in their 70s uniforms,” Henry laughs. “People are tired of being stuck at home and are ready to be released and set free once again,” he continues.  “The joy and excitement are going to be at a fevered pitch. I want to tell everybody to just go out there and have fun. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the people.”

Until then, we’ll be getting ready for the cruise by learning the words to all of The Spinners’ new songs.  The group is in the midst of planning the album’s release date, posting updates on their Facebook page, @themightyspinners. We can’t wait!