Mary Ann Rosa, Hustle in Pompano

Mary Ann's background in event planning is in dance, and also as a member of the international planning committee for medical seminars, chair / co-chair of her community's event planning committee, and is a national speaker.  She is the founder of Hustle in Pompano. Mary Ann started out in gymnastics and was captain of her high school team by senior year. Mary Ann was a feature dancer in the feature films, Summer of Sam, and Diega. She teamed with her late husband Luis in the late 1990s, and started the explosive professional dance team of The Latin Dance Connection.  Mary Ann holds placements in such international competitions such as the International Hustle and Salsa Competition, Theater Arts Division; World Hustle Dance Championships, World Open Hustle Division, & Professional Hustle Division; Disco America, Theater Arts Division; and The Hustle Congress, Theater Arts Division.  Mary Ann together with Luis was World Professional Hustle Dance Champions for 2004, Atlantic City Sands Hotel Hustle Champions 2004, House Dance International Hustle Champions for 2009, and they were voted favorite dance couple in Ron Bess's Dance Talk Newsletter for 2003. They were inducted into the Hustle Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Division in 2017, and received the Hustle Hall of Fame Award at Disco America in 2011. Luis & Mary Ann were well known for their explosive and entertaining performances along with their expertise in theatrical lifts. They can be seen on the televised event of the Disco Explosion filmed in Asbury Park, and the CBS Sunday Morning News, and they were also featured in the Asbury Newspaper in August 2005, the New York Sun on February 1, 2005, and the Christina show, televised on May 15, 2006.  They performed alongside many of the famous artists of the Disco Era. They have performed in Disco Concerts at Lehman College, the Patchogue Theater, Atlantic City, and many venues in Long Island. Luis and Mary Ann trained and choreographed adult and children dance teams. They were guest artist instructors at Dance Sport, NY. Tragically on July 7, 2018, Luis had a car accident which took his life on July 26, 2018.  Mary Ann competed, performed and taught throughout the world. Mary Ann continues to be active in the dance community as an event planner, promoter, instructor, performer, judge and choreographer. Mary Ann can be seen multiple times on the Brooklyn Cafe TV Show in 2022 and 2023.  Mary Ann's goal is to continue her passion and love for dance. More recently Mary Ann is honored to have become a member of the American Golden Dream Dancers dance team performing in Walt Disney World and on RCC Cruise Line. Mary Ann has a doctorate in health practice and combines that with professional dancing to help others gain the health benefits of dance along with having the time of their lives.