Take The Ultimate Disco Cruise Trivia Challenge

We can’t wait to sail and boogie all night with the superstar lineup on the 2nd Ultimate Disco Cruise! See how well you know these performers and other trivia from the era of Dance Fever by taking this trivia challenge. In addition to the LIVE shows, you’ll get to know the artists even a little better during panel discussions, Q&As, game shows and programming we have in store. Plus, you never know whom you’ll run into around out and about while on board. We can’t wait for you to join us!

  1. What was the last thing that Studio 54 was before becoming a night club?


  1. Studio 54 operated until what year?


  1. The band Chic wrote what 1978 hit after being denied entry into Studio 54 on New Year’s Eve, 1977?


  1. The Jacksons were originally called what?


  1. How many singles did The Jacksons have on the Billboard Top 40?


  1. Before signing a record contract, what was Anita Ward’s profession?


  1. “Ring My Bell” was a song originally written about teenagers doing what?


  1. Where did the original Commodores meet?


  1. The Commodores made a brief appearance in what movie?


  1. What was Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes originally called?


  1. What year did Teddy Pendergrass join Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes?


  1. What was KC and the Sunshine Band originally called?


  1. Martha Wash had a duo that sang backing vocals for the disco superstar Sylvester. What were they called?

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Trivia is courtesy of Steve Walsh of Hitmaker Trivia, who also entertains us onboard with his Trivia sessions.