In the late 1970's, MUSIQUE emerged after having received immediate world wide recognition as one of the most exciting female vocal groups of Disco, Dance and Pop Music.                                        

Their 1978 debut album on Prelude Records “Keep On Jumpin’” led them to the top of the charts with their hit "In the Bush." MUSIQUE received a 1979 RIAA Certified Gold Record for their debut album which became an international hit with world wide sales of over 25 million. By placing high on three crossover charts, Disco, R&B, and Pop in not one position, but two, MUSIQUE'S sound was unquestionable proof that these girls would continue their unique impact around the world for years to come. "Keep On Jumpin'" and "In the Bush" are both distinctly different, and are yet unmistakably MUSIQUE. As a result, MUSIQUE very deservedly earned Billboard’s 1980 “Best Female Group Award."

MUSIOUE has performed all over the world to audiences who have fallen in love with their songs, their style and their phrasing. In Caracas, Venezuela at The Poledra 20,000 fans joined them in singing their songs "Summer Love," and “Keep On Jumpin'". Their first hit tune “In the Bush" was number one for a full year on the charts in Brazil and Venezuela.

At The Roberto Clemente Stadium in Puerto Rico, MUSIQUE starred with Willie Colon and Tito Puente. The Trio is known for some of the most successful world tours in the past 20 years, performing in such places as Korea, Japan, Singapore, The Philippines, Germany, Ecuador, England, Switzerland, Austria, Nigeria, Italy and France.  MUSIQUE’s fame has brought them many invited appearances on television all over the world, one of which was their very own one hour television special filmed in Mexico City and produced by Talevisa S.A.

Today, MUSIQUE enjoys more success and recognition than ever before. At the Paramount-Madison Square Garden, WPLJ Seventies Dance Party in New York City MUSIQUE played to two sold out shows, and was honored with having a total of 11,000 people giving them a standing ovation.

Most recently, MUSIQUE has also been featured on MTV’S “Rockin’ Thru The Week.” Presently, MUSIQUE’s versatility has created new dimensions to their performance by adding an infectious tribute to all the “Great Diva’s of Seventies Dance Music” and “The Donna Summer Medley.”

MUSIQUE’s lead singer Mary Seymour is the force that drives the group. Mary was also a featured vocalist with the Atlantic Records recording group Change, made famous by Luther Vandross.  The album, “Glow of Love” was another to receive a one million RIAA Certified Gold Record. Again, Mary helped to create one of the most exciting performing acts in musical history when Change co-starred with Rick James on his 1981 tour of the United States. On Broadway she was a featured singer in the Musical "HAIR” at the Biltmore Theater, and she also starred in the Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical at the Lunt Fontaine Theater, “Raisin” in the role of Ruth Younger. Off Broadway, in 1990 she was featured as a surprise guest artist in the playt “Forbidden Planet.”  Additionally, Mary Seymour has many times demonstrated her live performance abilities in such entertainment capitals as The Convention Center, The Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, Trop World in Atlantic City, La Bourcella of Via Reggio, Italy and Number One in Porto Fino Italy.

Mary Seymour and the sound of “MUSIQUE” ARE ONE,

Mary Seymour is “MUSIQUE."